ePages for ERP

Connect your shop to an ERP system

Order and inventory management can be time-consuming tasks in daily business, especially if your company is growing or selling across multiple channels. To handle all tasks efficiently in time, the need for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution arises, which should be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure.

The advantages of ePages for ERP

Save time in daily business

If incoming orders need to be edited manually, this can be a time consuming task for your staff. Especially during busy seasons, smooth running internal processes including synchronisation of stock levels and orders guarantee that resources will be used efficiently. By extending your ecommerce solution with the SaaS solution ePages for ERP, you can ensure that your order and inventory management will run smoothly, all aligned and optimised in daily business.

Manage omnichannel with ease

Especially when selling across different channels, such as online shop, social media, marketplaces and your physical store, it is essential to have an accurate picture of your stock management at all times. With ePages for ERP you can connect all of your channels with ease. With orders being processed automatically and synchronisation taking place dynamically, you will remain up to date and efficient at all times.

A solution
ready to go

Connectors assure the smooth data flow between ERP systems and an ePages shop. For an easy and low cost integration of ecommerce into your existing ERP solution, ePages for ERP already equips you with a connector, which is ready and compliant for various ERP providers. Furthermore, we offer various plans which already include a powerful online shop with a connector and ERP solution.

Benefits of leading ERP systems

ePages is bundled with leading ERP systems like SAGE or Softengine. Available in various plans, you can purchase your preferred ecommerce and ERP bundle on a monthly basis, which includes hosting, regular updates and system management.

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