ePages Enterprise

As a business grows in size, it can often require a more unique solution. With the ePages Enterprise licence, you will benefit from one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms including a comprehensive feature set of more than 100 native integrations and versatile ecommerce apps. Set up and customised to your needs by experienced system partners, your shop solution will fit your your business processes seamlessly.

The advantages ePages Enterprise offers you


Benefit from a powerful feature set

Always up-to-date: We are constantly working to evolve and enhance the ePages platform further. With the enterprise solution, you take advantage of the full strength feature set our ecommerce platform is offering you.


Scalability keeps you flexible

No matter if you are looking for a shop solution to get you started in ecommerce or if you wish to extend your online business further, the ePages solution helps you reach your business goal. With our scalable ecommerce platform you are all set to realise your current and future business needs. At any time you may extend your Enterprise licence further in line with the growth of your business.


A shop fully customised to your needs

Imagine you are selling tickets for concerts or theatre shows – your customers would be eager to book specific seats within their purchase process. Alternatively, benefit from a configurator which helps shoppers to customise their products in size, colour and material.
Thanks to open web services and access to the code, our system partners handle any configuration needed and take care of the design and usability of your shop. They also ensure a comprehensive customisation so your shop is all set to meet your specific business needs. Additionally, take advantage of even more support such as up-front consulting or the shop management in daily business.


Realised and supported by system partners

On a permanent basis, we are collaborating with system partners who are experts in the customisation and implementation of the ePages ecommerce platform. Benefit from their deep knowledge of the software and expertise gathered from realising many ecommerce projects. From simple set up to full service including consulting, SEO, marketing or shop management in daily business, it is up to you: Decide yourself how much they should support your ecommerce project.


Extend your shop with open web services

Open web services are beneficial to adapt the existing features to your requirements and enrich your shop platform further. In fact, they make it easy to extend your shop with individual features and get connected to external systems such as ERP or POS that are relevant for your success.


Handling Multi-channel with ease

Today, your online shop is one of a number of essential sales channels. Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay continue to rise in importance. Your ePages shop offers the powerful platform you need to manage all sales channels simultaneously with ease.

It’s all taken care of:
Meet the ePages system partners

Launching or switching to a new ecommerce solution can be a project which is highly complex, especially if it needs to be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure.
But there is no need to stress: Select one of our system partners to get your ecommerce project launched swiftly and with a smooth implementation process guaranteed.