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Developer teams

Our Dev teams share a passion for Scrum and agile development, clean code and test-driven development. With a keen focus on user experience and connectivity, they constantly work to keep our software up-to-date with the latest developments and always optimal for merchants. Furthermore, they ensure that third parties can integrate their services and tools with ease.

ePages Dev Blog

Are you curious for a look behind the scenes? Our Dev teams share their tech ideas, stacks they are working on, conferences they attend and some of their best practices on the ePages Dev Blog.


Away from day-to-day business, hackathons are a great way to become inspired and tackle a fresh new technical challenge. It’s about sharing knowledge and ideas, thinking outside the box, teamwork, quick solution finding and, of course, fun at work!

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Application Management

As ePages offers its shop solution as a service in the cloud, the application management team is maintaining the software, and ensuring that all components are performing well. With continuous deployment, our application management team also makes the latest developments and improvements automatically available within all ePages shops.

Product Management

What are the hot new functionalities? What do shoppers expect next? What’s relevant for selling online as a small or medium-sized company? Such questions drive the Product Management team in their daily work. They have an eye on new trends and developments in the market, collaborate with tech partners and developers and are always eager to enrich the ePages platform further. They also ensure that our shop solution performs well regarding usability and localisation.

Services & Support

Merchants looking for customised design adaptions or ecommerce advice on an individual basis are in the skilled hands of our Services team. These experts create unique designs and consult merchants on how to optimise their shops for sales success.
Our Support team is a great resource of help and motivation for our merchants, delivering 2nd level support for many of our distribution partners.

Admin, Finance & HR

As the backbone of our company, these teams work hard to ensure that all processes from IT to organisational or staff-related issues run smoothly in daily business. Identifying the resources needed across the company, onboarding new colleagues or developing careers further is also in their focus.

Teams Marketing
Teams Marketing


Our marketing team works with our sales partners to spread the word about our ecommerce solution across online and offline marketing and communication channels. They also organise workshops and trainings for merchants and participate widely in industry events.

Sales & Biz Development

Because our software is distributed as a white label solution, our sales team is always in close touch with our partners across the cloud and hosting, logistics, telecommunications, payments and ERP industries. As first point of contact, they initiate new partnerships around the world, and facilitate between our partners and our various departments.


All teams work closely with the ePages management team. The extended sales, marketing and finance leadership team is responsible for the company’s commercial and operational decisions, as well as developing and expanding partnerships and attending industry events.

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