Notizie sulla versione di ePages

Notizie sulla versione di ePages

The release notes are an overview of all new features, improvements and software issue fixes for the ePages shop software.

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Release note per ePages

ePages 7.29.0


Incorrect formatting of the Google Analytics ID - AD-8964

Dashes were escaped leading to an inintelligible ID in the Shop which makes tracking impossible.

ePages 7.28.0


Notification about move of the cookie notice - UNITY-5019

We have moved the possibility to edit the cookie notice from its place in the administration to the content editor. We will display a notification on the MBO startpage to inform the merchants of this.

move cookie notice to content editor - UNITY-4947

We have already included editing of the cookie notice in the content editor.

With this issue we have also removed it from its previous location.


Not possible to complete shipping methods - UNITY-4990

In shops with the US tax matrix active it was not possible to use shipping methods of the type Fixed price.

Select box for reference unit broken - UNITY-4904

There was a display issue with the select box for reference units on the product page in the administration.

Download link after mobile checkout broken - EPC-167

We fixed an issue where the link to download a product was broken in the mobile checkout.

Unneeded hreflang tags - AD-8961

The hreflang tags were implemented in a way, that they showed up even if the shop only has one language.

DHL Versenden: No longer shows Packstation nearby - AD-8965

Resolved an issue with packstations not being displayed on Google Maps during the checkout when selecting DHL Versenden.


US address validation in the administration - UNITY-4774

We already have a validation for US addresses in place during the checkout. We implemented this for customer addresses in the administration as well.

ePages 7.27.0


new ebay authentication process - AD-8839

eBay has started implementing changes to the API, and introducing the so called Catalog API.
This leads to a new authentication process.
– Providers with application management: ePages will take care of the whole process
– Implementation partners: You will receive the necessary information through your account managers.
– Merchants: You will be notified in the administration and guided through the process of re-authentication.

ePages 7.26.0


Display product numbers on invoices - UNITY-4843

Product numbers are now included in the invoice


Cross selling assignment broken in dutch shops - UNITY-4924

There was a language tag that was escaped incorrectly.


Improve visibility status display - UNITY-4825

We have changed the order of the table columns and changed the visibility icon for a better, quicker, and easier overview.

ePages 7.25.0


Google Adwords: Order amount always tracked as 1 - AD-8794

The actual amount was incorrectly escaped, causing the issue.

Short URLs not shown in the Google search - AD-8583

This was caused by the way we had implemented hreflang. We changed the behaviour so that short URLs should appear again.


Google Analytics checkout tracking - UNITY-4770

We have implemented the usage of Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce throughout the checkout, so that checkout funnuels can now be made visible in the analytics dashboard.

ePages 7.24.0


Legal compliance for small merchants / §19 UStG - UNITY-4594

It is now possible to edit the tax information text on product pages etc. in order to be compliant with German §19 UStG. and / or other laws that touch taxation.

Notification about the availability of cross selling - UNITY-4588

Merchants are made aware of the cross selling feature on the administration start page once they reach a certain amount of products in their shop.

Show customers VAT-ID on the invoice - AD-8737

In some countries it is required that the end customers VAT-ID should show up on any invoice. We display it if it exists on the billing address.


Not possible to change "From" address in email events - UNITY-4659

it is now possible to edit the “from” address for email events again

Erroneous appearance of the energy label - UNITY-4655

Under certain very rare circumstances it was possible that an energy label appears in the shop even though it had not previously been set at the product

Difficulties while deleting the energy label - UNITY-4654

when deleting an already uploaded energy label, and then saving again without reloading the page the energy efficiency class would not be removed from the product and thus be displayed in the shop

Incorrect handliing of Monaco VAT-IDs - AD-8725

VAT-IDs from Monace had been rejected by the system. This has been amended.


Implementation of reCaptcha - EPC-418

Spam protection via reCaptcha for Forms in the shop

ePages 7.23.0


Tax matrix editing - UNITY-4565

While we supply default tax matrixes for any country our merchants are located in, it is still difficult to account for all exceptions and special cases that are in place worldwide. Thus we decided to enable our merchants to edit their tax matrix should the need arise.

Changed the lenght limit for meta description - UNITY-4533

Google expanded the maximum lenght of the meta description to 320 characters. We followed suit.

ePages 7.22.0


Google Adwords - UNITY-4480

It is now possible to track adword campaigns in ePages Now

Google Adwords for ePages Now - UNITY-2652

Adwords tracking is now possible in ePages Now.

Paypal Plus: Switch to ‘Integrated signup’ flow - AD-8501

PayPals “integrated signup flow” is now used. This improves and fastens the creation of a Paypal account (or the connection of an existing one). We are in addition showing more comprehensive information on the PayPay account status.

ePages 7.21.0


Energy Label - UNITY-4437

We introduced the legally required energy label to enable selling electronic devices

Favicon for StoreFront - UNITY-4421

It is now possible to upload a favicon, or generate one from the shop logo


Editing price of master product - UNITY-3794

It is now possible to change the price of the master product. This price is then used for all newly created variations. Already existing variants remain untouched

Fixed design function for Basket button in ePages Base - AD-8476

Fixed design function for Basket button in ePages Base


Increased the number of possible attribute values - UNITY-4497

Until now it was only possible to insert 10 attribute values. This has been made configurable with the standard setting being 20

Note Addizionali

Quando ePages rilascia una nuova versione, i nostri partner la implementeranno gradualmente. Richiedete ai vostri fornitori quando potrete cominciare ad utilizzare l’ultima versione disponibile.

Tutte le informazioni possono essere soggette a cambiamenti.