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How to apply

To apply for an open position, simply click on “Apply now” to get started with your application.
To save time, it is best to have the following documents to hand:


Your CV detailing relevant skills and work experience

Cover Letter

A cover letter that outlines your motivation and passion as well as professional background


An indication of your possible starting date or notice period, and salary expectations


A file with all relevant certificates or references (Note: You can upload up to 10 files)

Steps of the application process



For the first review of incoming applications we usually need around two weeks to come back to you. In case you haven’t received any feedback from us after this period, feel free to drop us a message.


1st interview
with HR

If your application proceeds to the next step, the HR team will arrange a phone or video interview with you.


Coding test and technical assignment

If you applied for a developer job, you will receive a coding challenge which helps us to evaluate your coding skills.



In the next step, you would also meet your potential manager and members of their team. Depending on your location, this may be either in an ePages office or via a video interview.



After you have passed all stages successfully, we will make our decision as soon as possible to hopefully provide you with an individual offer. In the meantime, we will stay in touch with you for feedback and updates. If you have any questions or if you just like to follow up, please feel free to contact us.

Our ePages recruiters answer your FAQs

How is the application process if an applicant lives far away?

No worries, if a face-to-face interview at an ePages office isn’t practical, we will simply arrange a video interview with you. Sometimes we also invite you to visit our office, and spend up to two days with the team you will work with in the future.

What advice would you give young professionals?

We are eager to know what you want to do and learn. Don’t worry if you are still lacking formal work experience. Just tell us about courses you took in college, projects you have participated in as well as the experience you gained in internships or any relevant skills you think would really benefit ePages.

How can an applicant catch your attention?

Apart from a well-structured and clean layout, detailing relevant skills and experience, we are also eager to understand why an applicant wants to work at ePages.

What’s your focus in an interview?

In an interview we would really want to get to know the applicant better, not only from skills and work experience, but also job interest, motivation, what makes the person happy at work, personality, attitude, and communication skills.

What happens on the first day of the job?

It is always exciting to welcome new employees on their first day in the office. Usually we start with a Newcomer Breakfast where all new colleagues meet and have coffee together, followed by an introduction given by our HR team. We will organise a full introduction day with sessions about our software, our portfolio, and how we work with Scrum. Each new employee will meet their “buddy” who will give them a helping hand during their first weeks in the company.

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